CONTACT the idle team

Okay… so the team aren’t quite here, not yet, but I’m scouring the land for a motley crew of interesting types to contribute, so if you want to rant, review or express some creativity, well get in touch:


 Name: Tom aka idle-thumb-tom.

Location: Zone Six/London-ish.

Fears: Violence, babies… violent babies.

Loves: Writing, creating and anything ending in… ing?

Favourite quote: “Better an optimist and wrong than a pessimist and right!”

Favourite film: Das Experiment.

Favourite song: If There Is Something by Roxy Music.




6 Responses “CONTACT the idle team” →
  1. oi, why did you bin my comment on the street magician article?

  2. I didn’t. I haven’t. I divided the Street Magician article into two posts – the meeting in the ten bells and the interview. Your comment is on:

    The Rock ‘n’ Roll Magician – bamboozles with sleight of hand!

    Where you posted it…

    L. Bruvva out!

  3. Well done you on hitting 10K – very impressive Tom!

  4. Hey Bruvva congratulations on 10,000 hits!!!


  5. Sparkles123

    May 20, 2011

    Can we have some more flashes of fiction now please?

  6. You’ll get what you’re given… 😉

    I’m working on a few short plays for a comp, so when they’re done I’ll post them!


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