ABOUT idle thumb

It’s usually the devil himself who makes work for idle fingers and thumbs, but he’s busy so idle thumb is making its own work and creating distraction/entertainment and even a little mischief for you good, but idle thumbed people. On the Idle thumb home page expect to find a sprawling house of reviews, news, recommendations and a host of entertaining ramblings – including short stories, flash fiction, poetry, extracts from novels and other creative offerings… all hopefully laid out to keep those fingers and thumbs of yours busy clicking away and avoiding getting up to any other kind of nonsense.

To get back to the homepage you can hover your cursor over the

idle thumb… because the devil is busy!… header/logo of click on “home” at the top left corner.

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share you can email me at idlethumbtom@hotmail.co.uk or leave a comment below.

Many thanks,


aka Tom Siggins


2 Responses “ABOUT idle thumb” →
  1. Yesterday was a record breaking day on idle thumb, which saw the previous record of 568 views get smashed with 957… whoop?

  2. Yesterday was yet another record breaking day which saw last week’s 957 get topped by 988… still 1,000 hits eludes me!


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